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Thrive: (verb) to grow, advance, and be successful.


About Thrive

At Thrive Public Affairs, our passion is our purpose. We set the trends and deliver on our promise to infuse your business with best practices, innovative corporate social solutions, and a platform for communicating your mission. We lead with our values and learn about our client’s issues that matter to their employees, customers, and communities.


Thrive Public Affairs is not your typical firm, we are highly creative and obsess over unique approaches to deliver value-based strategies that make a positive impact.  We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to your needs and concerns.

Our Core Values





Our collaboration with Thrive Public Affairs leverages its breadth of services to advance community health initiatives.  Suzanne Ghee’s creativity, broad experience and professionalism have added tremendous value to DataGen’s CHNA Advantage® solution for hospitals and health systems.

Al Campanella, President, DataGen, Inc.

"Thrive Public Affairs has a deep expertise in community health and stakeholder management. I have worked with Suzanne for the last four years on a variety of initiatives and the work product is always outstanding."

Dr. Darrin Anderson, President and CEO, New Jersey YMCA State Alliance

"I've been working with Suzanne since 2009...During her time at Virtua Health and after when she launched her own business, Thrive Public Affairs. She's knowledgable in every arena and guides her clients during the whole process. Her caring personality makes her a joy to work with."

Amy Mescia, Design Director and Founder, Oscar Design Studio

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